Healthy Relationships Programs

Balloon vs. Anchor

Learn Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships through Steps that teach how to develop and recognize healthy relationships.  Through this journey we work on overcoming negative relationships and the emotional impact. Gaining confidence in all kinds of relationships to ensure we are emotionally protected and advocating for how we feel.

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Through The Storm

Gain strategies to utilize for long term application to manage stressors in a established relationship.  The strategies are to teach steps to rebuild through healthy communication, conflict resolution and identifying roles.  As we complete this journey we will gain balance in the relationship, better communication and improved relationship to last through the years.

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Getting to the Basics

This journey starts with learning the basic steps in a healthy relationship. Then recognizing healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Through this journey one gains insight into patterns of behavior from past relationships and how to change one's own behavior to impact future relationships. 

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Each Program is offered right now for a flat rate of $350.00 a month.

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