Career Seeker Program

Shooting for the Stars

Through this journey, we work together to identify personal skills such as confidence and leadership that aid in increasing success in your career, while overcoming barriers such as anxiety, difficulty with balancing work with home and focusing in the work place.

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Finding Success

The steps along this journey identify barriers that contribute to feeling stagnant and unhappy in your career. The steps will increase self awareness that will identify skills that we will work to expand upon to increase success and ensure long standing success in your career by developing future short and long term goals.


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Defining Your Path and Success

On this journey, one will identify skill set that will lead to a career. We will go through this journey together completing short term goals that will lead to a career that fits. Along this journey we will take the steps to find the inner strength to step onto a new path, gain confidence, increase leadership and expand the skills to increase success now and in the future. We will work through any barriers along the way and develop strategies to prevent those barriers from returning.


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Each Program is offered right now for a flat rate of $350.00 a month.

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